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Carpet Cleaning VS Wood Floor Cleaning

carpet steam cleaningyou thinking of buying a new home? Maybe you just moved into a new one. The choice between wood flooring and carpet is not just an aesthetic choice. You really need to compare carpet cleaning and wood floor cleaning. After all flooring only looks good if you clean it whether it’s carpet or wood. While you can tell from this blog that we are fans of all things wood, you still may be on the fence. So, we’ll tell you the pros and cons of both carpet cleaning and wood floor cleaning and you can decide for yourself.

Carpet Cleaning

There is nothing like feeling soft carpeting under your feet when you get up in the morning. However, it’s not going to stay that way on it’s own. Here what you need to do to keep it that way.

  • Steam clean your carpets every 6 months
  • Vacuum it at least every other day
  • Take your shoes off outside
  • Take care of stains immediately

Wood Floor Cleaning

  1. Mop at least once a week
  2. Sweep at least every other day
  3. Varnish once a year

As you can see you’re going to have to do some heavy lifting with both at least once a year. Carpets must be steam cleaned and wood floor needs to be varnished. The upside of wooden floors is that they don’t stain as easily, but you can prevent a lot of stains on your carpets simply by taking your shoes off before coming inside your home.

wood floorsThe Choice is Yours

You’ll have to do some level of regular cleaning to maintain carpeting and wood flooring. That being said, you have to ask yourself are you willing to steam clean twice a year or are you more likely to varnish your floors? If you say neither, then you’ll need to either find someone to varnish your wood floors or get in touch with a carpet cleaner.

P.S. You Can Have Both

If you love the idea of wooden floors and your spouse really wants carpets, and you’re willing to do a little extra cleaning, there are a few compromise. You can carpet your bedrooms and keep the floors wooden in the kitchen and living room. You can have all wooden floors and have lavish oriental rugs in all of the rooms. Also, if you think wooden floors are out of your budget think again. Bamboo flooring looks like wood, but is usually half the price.

Always Call Around

If you are going to get your floors professionally varnished or your carpets professionally cleaned, call around and go with someone with not only a fair price, but some experience. Think of it as an investment into the beauty of your home.