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Why Install Artificial Grass Around Your Wooden Deck

fake grassWooden decks are beautiful, but may rot if not taken care of. The main enemy of a wooden deck is moisture and that’s why we suggest installing artificial grass around it. This will help keep it dry in ways you wouldn’t even imagine. Remember, it all adds when keeping your wooden deck in great condition. Here’s why taking this small of installing artificial grass around your wooden deck will make a big difference in terms of reducing the amount of moisture on your deck.

Artificial Grass Doesn’t Need to be Watered

One of the best things about artificial grass is it doesn’t need to be watered. That’s great news for your deck because it won’t be sprayed with water from your hose or sprinklers since this area of your yard will be water free. Just remember, it all adds up, so eliminating sprinkler and hose water from hitting your deck will extend the life of your deck. A dryer deck simply lasts longer and artificial grass will help keep the balance in your favor.

Artificial Grass Doesn’t Track Mud

Mud equals moisture and moisture equals rotting wood. You don’t want that for your wooden deck. Artificial grass doesn’t create mud and that’s another reason to install it around your deck. Dirt is not used during the installation of artificial grass and that’s why no mud will ever be created. It can rain day and night, and no mud will be tracked onto your deck. This is yet another way artificial grass will keep your deck dry.

Artificial Grass Doesn’t Create Puddles

wood deckAnother great thing about artificial grass is that it drains very well. This means no puddles in your yard and therefore no water being splashed on your deck or water puddling around the base of your deck. A nice dry deck is what you get instead. After all, who wants to deal with a rotten wood deck?

So, should you replace all the grass in your yard with natural grass? That depends on your budget and what you have planned for your yard. At the very least, replace the grass immediately surrounding your deck, to reduce the amount of water and mud that comes into contact with your deck. This will truly help maximize the lifespan of your deck. After all, it’s not just occasional rainstorms that rot your deck. The little daily drops of water from sprinklers, hoses, puddles, and mud count too.

Artificial grass will help you keep your deck dry and you want that because dry wood lasts longer than wet wood.