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Wooden Garage Door Repair Tips

wooden garage doorsWooden garage doors are some of the most beautiful types of garage doors available? How can you not appreciate the beauty of these carriage style doors? There are many types of available and depending what you like, you can can use them to make your home look elegant or add a rustic feel to it. Some really look like a carriage door while others resemble a barn door. Whether your door is made of mahogany or has douglas fir paneling, you can choose a variety of stains to change the look and that’s just one reason these doors are so popular. With that growing popularity, comes the need to present more information on how to repair these garage doors. So, without further ado, let’s jump into it.


Maintain It to Refrain from Garage Door Repair Work

A garage door has many working parts and needs regular maintenance to keep it working properly. A wooden garage door is no different and may require a little extra maintenance to keep it looking lustrous. If you want to avoid large repairs, simply keep up on the maintenance work on your garage door and take care of the small wear and tear that pops up. This alone can add years to the life of your garage door. Now, if you don’t maintain it, then you’ll have to deal with large repairs, so do yourself a favor and start implementing these tips.

  • Clean the exterior of your garage door at least once a month. This will rid your door of excess moisture and dirt, that could cause it to warp.
  • Protect your door from the elements with stains, varnishes, and paints recommended by the manufacturer of your garage door. Repaint and restain when the door starts looking dull. Varnish it once a year to reseal it and extend the life of your door.

As you can see, wooden garage doors need extra attention. If anything, remember to varnish it, as that truly protects the wood and keeps it in tip top shape. Two to three coats is all you really need. Always use a brand your manufacturer recommend to protect your warranty.

Here are a few general tips that you should also start implement:

  • Take care of the moving parts of your garage by greasing the chain, screws, and springs. Use white lithium grease for the chain and screws and spray wood garage doorlubricant for the springs. Always use brands recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Take a look at the weatherstripping at the bottom of your garage door. If it’s cracked it’s time to replace it.
  • Lightly brush the garage door track with an old toothbrush to keep it free of debris. Don’t do anything more than a light dusting. Call your garage door repairman if you notice a large obstruction in the track, as trying to dislodge it yourself can prove to be fatal. That’s because you are not professional repairman and messing with the track could cause the entire garage door to collapse on you.
  • Dust the eye sensor of your garage door opener to keep it working properly.

A garage door is a lot like a car. If you want it to work well, you have to take good care of it.

Garage Door Repair Tips You Can Use

Is your garage door not opening? Here are a few simple reasons why that you can do something about:

  1. Dirty photo eye sensor- If you aren’t maintenance your garage door, you probably have a lot of dust on the eye sensor of your garage door opener. Simply take a clean rug and dust it.
  2. Dead batteries – How long has it been since you replaced the batteries in your garage door transmitter?  Now may be the time. Your garage door won’t be opening or closing with dead batteries.
  3. Manually locked. Someone in your home may have manually locked it, because they weren’t feeling safe. Go inside and check it.
  4. Close neighbors – Your neighbor’s garage door may be on the same frequency as your garage door opener and when they close their garage door, it’ll close yours as well. Consult your owner’s manual and adjust the frequency to prevent this from happening.
  5. Disconnect switch – You may have accidentally slipped on the disconnect switch.

There may be more serious reasons your garage door isn’t closing or opening, like broken springs, cables, or a misaligned track. However, we suggest have a professional repairman do those tasks for you because if you don’t know what you are doing, you can seriously injury yourself and cause the garage door to collapse.